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Information about this highly popular yet little known asian fruit
Who we are and why we're doing this
Health and nutrition - why Jujube fruit is good for you
Tips and information on how to grow Jujube trees
How to buy Jujubes and when they are available

Season Two

It's the tail end of Summer and the Jujube season is here again. Thankfully there were no big storms this year and plenty of rain so there fruit volumes are quite a bit up on last year.

Look out for our fresh Jujube fruit at our retail partners in Perth.

All Picked

It's early May and we've just picked the last of our fruit. The mornings are a little crisp now and the trees are starting to turn a little yellow as they prepare to dump their leaves for winter.

Despite significant losses following the big storm in January we had quite a decent haul of fruit. We sold just about everything we picked and ate the rest ourselves. Come back and visit us in Feb 2012 when we'll be ready to do this all again but with probably 4 times the volume that we had this year.

First Fruit

The picking season has started and we've sent our first shipments to our retail partners for sale in Perth. The volumes are a little down on what we had hoped for due to the storm in January, however we're more than happy with the quality of the fruit. Our Li fruit, the largest variety, is generally the first to ripen but we have quite a mixture of types available at the moment so there's something to please everybody.

Cyclonic Storm

The massive storm front that preceded Cyclone Bianca on 29th January brought with it some destructive winds of up to 130km/h. We were on the farm in York at the time and watched from inside the house as big trees snapped in half and one of our sheds gradually disintegrated in the fierce wind.

Up and Running

After several months of writing and planning, the website is finally on-line. We'll be adding new sections and photographs as time goes on and hope it will become a useful resource both for consumers wishing to buy fruit and also people wanting to grow their own.

The information presented here is a combination of personal experience, advice from other growers and some general background reading from published sources, both in print and on the internet.

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