Overseas Jujube Expert Visits Our Orchard

Chinese professor and world expert in the Chinese Jujube, Dr Mengjun Liu, came to Australia this week courtesy of the W.A. Department of Agriculture.

On Monday he gave a seminar to Jujube growers from around the state to give some tips and share his knowledge in this poorly understood (in the west) industry and today he came to York to visit our Jujube orchard in person.

Dr Liu was very hands-on and forthcoming in sharing his knowledge on everything from pruning techniques and orchard management to the very latest strategies to increase productivity. We are very grateful for his assistance and only wish we had met him about 4 years earlier.

Left to right: Dr Mengjun Liu, owners Andrew Rowland & Glenys Rae, and from the W.A. Dept of Agricuture, Rachelle Johnstone, Tony Portman and Alec McCarthy

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