Cyclonic Storm

The massive storm front that preceded Cyclone Bianca on 29th January brought with it some destructive winds of up to 130km/h. We were on the farm in York at the time and watched from inside the house as big trees snapped in half and one of our sheds gradually disintegrated in the fierce wind.

The Jujube trees themselves got a bit of a battering but stood up pretty well. A handful got blown over and around 40-50% of the fruit was lost but we didn't lose any trees and were pleasantly surprised that many still had viable fruit left on them. Clearly our yield this year will be a lot lower than expected but given the severity of disasters elsewhere this year, both in Australia and overseas, I don't think we have anything to complain about.

Below is a picture of the storm front approaching. At the time we thought it was Cyclone Bianca but in fact it was an enormous dust cloud. I think the picture gives an idea of how bad it was...

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