Up and Running

After several months of writing and planning, the website is finally on-line. We'll be adding new sections and photographs as time goes on and hope it will become a useful resource both for consumers wishing to buy fruit and also people wanting to grow their own.

The information presented here is a combination of personal experience, advice from other growers and some general background reading from published sources, both in print and on the internet.

Jujube fuit on the tree

The drop-down menu links above provide access to all the site's content which is broadly split between Jujube Fruit (about, benefits, uses, history) and Jujube Trees (growing, propagating etc).

All of the photographs on this site were taken at our farm in York. Most images are high resolution and can be enlarged to fill your browser window by clicking on the pictures themselves. If you have any comments or suggestions or if you wish to share anything with other users of this website then please let us know

Thanks for visiting

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