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We have had our property in York, Western Australia for the past 11 years. For much of that time we searched for a sustainable crop that would not just grow but thrive in our warm, Mediterranean climate without needing the millions of litres of water that most other fruit trees require when grown in a commercial environment. With all the talk of climate change and extreme weather, we needed something that would be both responsible and sustainable for the forseeable future. We also were seeking crop that was relatively pest-free, thus reducing the need for sprays and chemicals.

Jujube flowers pollinated by ladybird

During our search we discovered the Jujube - a fruit with a long history but yet relatively unknown in Western society. The trees love the long, hot summers that we have in W.A. and the absence of humidity and low summer rainfall means the fruit can ripen properly and reach it's optimal quality.

Despite some rave reviews about the fruit and its popularity throughout much of Asia, we were surprised to find very few people growing this fruit in Australia. There was also very little in the way of information available both in print and also on the World Wide Web.

The majority of growers are low-volume producers relying on back-door sales with a customer base maintained by word-of-mouth.

Our aim with this web site is:

  • To bring this understated fruit to the attention of the Australian public
  • To make obtaining Jujube fruit as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse
  • To create a central repository of information on Jujube fruit, Jujube Trees and their associated benefits

Many thanks to those that have helped us along the way. We aim to continue to do the same and spread the word.

We hope you enjoy this web site. If you have any comments or feedback please use the contact form.

Happy jujube-eating

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