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Information about this highly popular yet little known asian fruit
Who we are and why we're doing this
Health and nutrition - why Jujube fruit is good for you
Tips and information on how to grow Jujube trees
How to buy Jujubes and when they are available

Jujubes in the News

It seems there has been a bit of a publicity frenzy in the past few days. DAFWA put out a press release and several members of the recently formed Growers Group have given interviews on ABC TV & Radio and also on GWN7 - WA's main commercial TV station in country areas.

Jujube Symposium To Be Held in Brisbane

The 3rd Intenational Jujube Symposium is to be held in Australia in Brisbane.

Part of the International Horticultural Congress the Jujube Symposium is to be be held for the first time outside of China and will attract eminent experts from all corners of the world.

Chaired by Dr Menuin Liu from Hebei, China who visited our orchard last year and also co-convened by our own Dr Guijun Yan from the University of Western Australia, this should really put Jujubes on the map as a fruit to be recognised.

2014 Season Starts

It's that time of year again - the fruits are starting to turn and it feels like the warm, dry weather has brought the season forwards a week or two earlier than normal.

Time will tell whether 2014 will be a record year but fruit size looks good and the extremely hot 46.7C day that we had in February doesn't seem to have had a significant impact.

Jujube Growers Group Formed

The first ever dedicated Jujube growers group in Australia was formed recently. The inaugural meeting of the West Australian Growers Group was held on 6th December 2013.

There are still some regulatory hurdles to jump before incorporation but the office bearers have been elected and the group has a constitution and direction to follow.

We have a good bunch of people on board with a diverse set of skills. Hopefully this will enable the group to thrive and follow in the footsteps of the Avocado industry which was in exactly this situation around 30 years ago.

Sold Out for 2013

It's early May and the last few fruits have been picked from the trees bringing this year's harvest season to a close.

2013 was a very strange season for us. We had one day of torrential rain half way through which caused a lot of fruit to split. It also seemed to delay the ripening of the remaining fruit although it did eventually ripen - just quite a bit later than expected.

We continue to learn about this unusual fruit year after year. Hopefully some of the tips we got from the Prof, together with what we have learned ourselves will help make next year a real cracker.

Overseas Jujube Expert Visits Our Orchard

Chinese professor and world expert in the Chinese Jujube, Dr Mengjun Liu, came to Australia this week courtesy of the W.A. Department of Agriculture.

On Monday he gave a seminar to Jujube growers from around the state to give some tips and share his knowledge in this poorly understood (in the west) industry and today he came to York to visit our Jujube orchard in person.

Harvest Is On

It's now March and our crop is ready to pick.

For us it means some very early mornings and long days but it's all worth it. The fruit looks really good this year and the trees are a little more mature so we have more volume as well.

Here We Go Again

It's been another long, hot summer here in W.A. but the end is in sight. For us that means one thing - it's Jujube time again.

The fruit is looking good but is still a few weeks away. Be sure to check back reguarly for updates and look out for our fresh Jujube fruit at our retail partners in Perth.

All done for this year

It's late April and we've just picked the last fruit of the season. We're a good couple of weeks ahead of last year - presumably due to the warmer weather over summer.

We just about tripled our volume on last year which was really good and next year some of our new plantings from this year may be stong enough to make a contribution to the harvest.

We have neglected the website a little this year so the plan is to add some new content for 2013.


The Department of Agriculture is doing a study into Jujubes and we have been one of the trial sites. They recently had some interest from reporters at The West Australian, the main newspaper for W.A. who were keen to do a piece on the new fruit.

So the other day some photographers came out and did a photoshoot in our orchard. Whilst the angle they took is more about the research, we do get a mention. The article itself can be found here.

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